Art by Larisa

art by Larisa Chavarria



A very unusual upbringing in the mountains of Costa Rica made me a thoughtful, observant and creative person. I moved to Kentucky when I was 19 to go to college. I pursued a BFA in Graphic Design at Western Kentucky University. After graduating I sold all my belongings and drove my station wagon all the way to Austin,Texas. Art took a back seat for a while, as I explored new interests in this amazing city. After a long break, I have finally taken purposeful steps towards being an artist again.

I’ve always had a drive to create and make things and I have a feeling it will always be that way.

Artist Statement:

I collect and save fallen and forgotten fragments. I find the fleeting magic in small and mundane moments. I scout for the ephemeral feeling in nostalgic memories. I let all these bits, colors, images and orphaned objects play out, fluidly like a dream; my hands and tools simply assemble them into the stories they tell me.